Waste Management Solutions

Third Partners offers multiple waste solutions from planning to implementing technology programs.

WELL Building Standard

Third Partners develops comprehensive, custom waste management programs that maximize recycling and compost to eliminate waste headed to landfills. We have experience developing and implementing processes to increase recycling and compost. One the simple end this starts with effective signage and education, but to really get to zero landfill waste we lead clients through a transformative process. This process starts with procurement and supply chain to rethink how the items used in all facilities – from offices to the production floor – impact the waste stream.

Third Partners offers innovative technology, sich as our ZEROrganics program which is a cutting edge, scalable program for turning on-site food waste (organics) into fertilizer and energy. ZEROrganics is a turnkey solution for colleges and universities, corporate or government campuses, restaurants and dining halls to transform waste into a valuable resource that reduces costs and may even generate revenue. Third Partners customizes programs to help clients meet the unique combination of their goals, location and culture.

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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