Third Partners Sustainability Training & Education

Sustainability Training & Education

Sustainability training unleashes the passion and problem solving power of your team

Third Partners develops engaging training programs that help your brand reduce risk and drive innovation from within. You will be amazed at the fast, cost-efficient and creative improvements in your organization’s footprint that come from building a culture of enhanced responsibility.

How we bring out the best in your team:

Curriculum Planning

Custom training modules for your goals, budget and time. We bring our skilled trainers with university teaching experience and expertise as managers and brand executives.

Lunch & Learn

Impossible schedule? No problem. We all need to eat! We can arrange a gourmet low-impact lunch while you learn; your staff return to work engaged and well-fed.

Sustainability Basics

What is all this green stuff? We speak your language. We focus on discussion-based training to cut through all the buzzwords and fluff to engage even the most skeptical audiences.

Mission-Driven Training

We get it: education is only valuable when relevant. We tailor our message to your mission, goals, and business challenges. Our programs can be adjusted for all levels, from entry to C-suite.

Developing Leaders

Sustainability means self-sufficiency, after all. We train and develop self-perpetuating green teams to ensure your long-term needs are met from within.

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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