Implementation Support & Employee Engagement

Third Partners

Harness the values of your workforce in order to drive change efficiently, from within.

Organizations that are regarded by customers and staff as sustainability leaders "walk the talk" by engaging employees at all levels in goal-setting and implementation.

Employee engagement is a crucial component in building a true culture of sustainability in your organization. Third Partners first works with senior management to establish priorities and goals. We then identify employees at varying levels who have a stake in achieving big picture goals. Together with your functional managers, we help coordinate team-based approaches to creating positive impact.

Teams take many forms, depending on your culture. They can be called green teams, working groups, task forces -- or incorporate sustainability action planning into existing functional teams.

Third Partners engages employees by:

Meeting with senior managers and influencers to identify short-term and long-term priorities

Finding employees that are interested in participating

Organizing a cross-functional internal team that enacts solutions to key sustainable business concerns

Providing ongoing guidance to staff teams and managers on sustainability best practices, emerging trends, technical frameworks, data and technology

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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