Customized Renewable Energy Planning & Procurement

Solar for Businesses

Whether on your roof or installed offsite, you have the option to buy solar and wind energy

From assessment through commissioning, Third Partners is your owner's rep that creates a custom strategy that provides clean energy to your organization with a mix of solar, wind, biomass, hydro, and geothermal.

On-Site Energy: Your building size, use type, location, and construction type determine what can be installed.

  1. Assessment: We survey your facilities and inventory energy use, identifying unique site qualities that impact the type and amount of energy that can be produced, relative to what is consumed.
  2. On-site Sourcing: We identify, screen, and rank installers based on technical and financial considerations as well as referrals and experience. We also work with the landlord, other tenants, and government authorities to ensure proper permitting.
  3. On-site Implementation: We oversee installation and commissioning, ensuring that your system is installed correctly performs as intended.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Off-site renewables: You can't produce 2 million kWh of solar on the roof of your urban skyscraper, but you still have options.

  1. Power Purchase Agreement: Purchase power directly from a renewable energy installation. Typically a 15-20 year agreement.
  2. Remote Net Metering: Install solar on a second site leased or owned by you, and use the energy generated at that second site to offset the energy consumed at the first site.
  3. Renewable Energy Certificates: Often the least environmentally desirable option, RECs are a quick and easy way to purchase renewable energy. It does not always carry a strong environmental benefit, but is still a tool for reducing emissions according to the GHG protocol.

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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