Portfolio Energy Management

Solar for Businesses

Find cost savings and save time managing your building portfolio

Third Partners helps companies manage their energy use across multiple offices. Results of such programs include increased energy efficiency, reduced energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

We offer a complete energy management package for clients that want to improve measurement and monitoring, establish or replace automated controls, plan for upgrades or participate in demand response. We act as the project “developer” modeling the improvements and finances then identifying and managing specialists to implement projects related to:

  • Measurement, monitoring and analytics: our preferred solution is to identify software that automates energy measurement, monitoring, analysis and reporting as much as possible. We are software agnostic and have deep expertise in energy analytics.
  • Automated controls: we identify areas in buildings where it makes financial sense to install or upgrade automated controls related to lights, window treatments, plugload and HVAC.
  • Energy planning: we develop plans to save energy and cost over time by analyzing usage and equipment to schedule retro-commissioning and upgrades that meet your organization’s hurdle rate.
  • Demand response: we can help clients with large buildings shed load and get paid by the utility when energy demand is highest during hot summer afternoons.
  • Net zero energy: a net zero building produces on-site all the energy it needs over the course of a year. Many buildings can become net zero; we perform a quick feasibility study and deliver a roadmap to net zero.
  • Energy procurement: we can reduce your energy costs by bidding energy procurement out to utility-approved energy suppliers.

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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