New York City Local Laws

LL84, LL87, and LL88

As part of its Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, New York City has a series of local building laws to help the city reach its aggressive sustainability goals. Third Partners helps large building owners in NYC navigate the energy measurement and benchmarking, auditing and retro-commissioning, and lighting and sub-metering required by the various local laws. Operational improvements can cover the cost of following these laws and potentially yield savings.

  • Local Law 84 – Benchmarking: annual requirement to measure and benchmark energy and water consumption in buildings >50,000 square feet.
  • Local Law 87 – Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning: requirement for owners of buildings >50,000 square feet to conduct an energy audit and perform retro-commissioning every 10 years.
  • Local Law 88 – Lighting & Sub-metering: by 2025, large non-residential buildings are required to upgrade lighting to meet code and provide large commercial tenants with energy sub-meters.

Third Partners is your guide to understanding, complying, and benefitting from these local laws.

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