Employee Green Teams

Third Partners

Increase employee engagement and harness the sustainable values of your staff

Employees are crucial participants in achieving sustainable outcomes. Third Partners first works with management to establish priorities and goals. We then identify employees that are interested in sustainability and engage them by forming internal Green Teams focused on company-specific sustainability issues.

These groups can be small or large, and are often organized by physical business location. They address small issues – e.g. office recycling, commuter incentives, office procurement – and/or larger issues such as behavioral energy efficiency, supplies and materials procurement, and special sustainability-related events. Additionally, the members of the Green Team may act as liaisons to other employees on sustainability issues.

Third Partners develops green teams that produce results by:

Meeting with management and HR leadership to identify potential Green Team priorities

Finding employees that are interested in participating in Green Teams

Gathering information about your current general office habits, facility use, and procurement practices

Helping the team establish organization-specific goals to drive real sustainable impacts to key business concerns

Ongoing expertise and guidance to the Green Teams and their management on sustainability best practices

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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