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VICE Media

Sustainability Advisory

Comprehensive sustainability strategy consulting for VICE Media, a fast-growing global media powerhouse that produces news and creative content for audiences and brands worldwide.

Brooklyn Brewery

Sustainability Strategy & Facilities

Sustainability strategy consulting and facilities advisory for Brooklyn Brewery, a top US craft brewer by volume and one of the first major craft brewery brands in the US.


Climate Change Action

UNICEF commissioned an assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) footprint of select global and regional offices. Third Partners worked with policy, planning, and facilities managers to calculate the GHG baseline, develop and deploy internal GHG emissions results communications to staff in each office, and identify energy efficiency measures to reduce GHG emissions. Additionally, Third Partners worked with policy and planning managers to develop an action plan for GHG emissions reduction across the organization.

UNICEF Case Study 1 - Energy Efficiency & Renewables

UNICEF Case Study 2 - Carbon Footprint Assessment

Thread International

Life Cycle Assessment & Reporting

Thread International needed creative and scientifically accurate techniques to measure and communicate to stakeholders the positive lifecycle impacts of its supply chain. Thread's goal was to generate value-added sales opportunities with leading apparel brands.

Third Partners consulting services to Thread included:

  • Traveling to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to observe Thread’s supply chain
  • Training Thread’s staff in LCA and sustainability reporting techniques
  • Technical consulting on CO2 impact that supported Thread’s annual Impact Report
  • Market research and blog writing to share LCA findings and promote the competitive advantages of Thread’s recycled plastic material in consumer product applications

Thread Case Study

Off-grid & Renewable Energy Advisory

Third Partners produced an off-grid and renewable energy feasibility study for Song Hill Winery, a winery in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.


Green Web Hosting Assessment

Data centers use a significant amount of energy: Analytics Press estimates that data centers used 1.3% of global electricity in 2010 and 2% in the United States. The New York Times claims that as a result of inefficient operation, “data centers can waste 90 percent or more of the electricity they pull off the grid.”

Manoverboard, a web design and development firm based in Winnipeg that is also a Certified B Corporation, needed to better understand its options for itself and its clients in evaluating the environmental performance of its web-based business. Manoverboard identified a select list of ten hosting providers relevant to their operations, and Third Partners assessed each hosting provider on 15 areas of environmental performance, ranging from energy supply and efficiency to procurement.

Green Web Hosting Assessment

Energy Efficient Lighting

Sales & Energy Efficiency Rebate Consulting

A major manufacturer of an Energy-Efficient lighting technology ("EELM") needed a pricing and sales strategy model to assess new leads. With thousands of potential customers--each with a unique cost of energy and existing lighting setup--EELM had to quickly identify the optimal approach and pricing for each lead to ensure financial viability for both EELM and its leads.

Third Partners consulting services to EELM included:

  • Creating an automated sales strategy & prospect value tool to gauge each lead
  • Model based on variable COGS, variable price charged to customer, rebates and incentives available by state & utility, energy rates by sector & state, Sales tax rates by tax region and zip code, and Sales rep commission structure & rate

EELM Case Study

Natural Resources Defense Council

Net Zero Site Energy: Feasibility Study

The Natural Resources Defense Council ("NRDC"), commissioned a feasibility study of retrofitting its headquarters building in New York City into a Net Zero Site Energy building. For it to qualify, it would need to produce as much energy as it consumes. NRDC needed a proof-of-concept and roadmap to assess whether it should pursue the project.

Third Partners consultants performed the following:

  • Conducted interviews with stakeholders, vendors and scientists
  • Identified customized energy efficiency and financing measures
  • Designed a comprehensive data model assessing energy performance of the building, based on electricity consumption, heating usage, weather, & occupancy
  • Predictive modeling on the energy effects of Net Zero energy conservation measures (e.g. façade improvements, air sealing, etc.) and energy production measures (e.g. concentrated photovoltaic, geo-exchange pumps, etc.)
  • Completed as student consultants alongside colleagues from Columbia University’s M.S. in Sustainability Management program

NRDC Case Study

Client Relationship Structures

Full-Service Consulting

Full-Service Advisory

Third Partners becomes your virtual sustainability department. We craft strategies bespoke to your short-term and long-term goals.

Individual Projects

Individual Projects

Third Partners takes on individual projects alongside your internal team, such as carbon footprinting, energy efficiency, branding, and reporting.

Expertise On-Demand

Expertise On-Demand

Third Partners can also work on a flexible arrangement, contributing to a variety of projects based on the most pressing needs at a given moment.

Third Partners

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