Carbon Footprint Measurement & Management

Climate Change - Carbon Footprint

Your organization contributes to climate change. We can reduce your impact.

Measuring and managing the carbon footprint of your organization is at once a risk management strategy and a tool for identifying opportunities to improve business operations. In addition, corporate stakeholders, regulatory bodies and reporting agencies are increasingly requesting accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) impact information.

Third Partners provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the carbon footprint of your organization and helps your team craft a carbon management strategy that makes sense for your business. Using Science-based Targets, we develop an action plan toward achieving a reduction in GHG emissions, led by your organization and informed by the latest scientific developments. From carbon offsets to renewable energy certificates (RECs) to supply chain management strategies, Third Partners works with your team on the path towards profitable and science-based climate change action.

Third Partners is a full service sustainability and green design consultancy headquartered in New York City.

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